97% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Novo Nordisk
We wanted a database to generate information on over 1000 staff for
workforce enquiry analysis. OrgPlus enables us to share certain aspects
of HR data - both at manager and employee level in a secure way.
David Anderson
Head of Human Resources
Visit Scotland
Novo Nordisk
At du we are committed to continuous learning and innovation that adds life
to life of our customers and employees. In pursuit of enabling our internal
business partners (line managers and employees), OrgPlus tool is greatly
helping line managers in making right business decisions in respect of
organisation structures, management productivity, etc., besides improving employee engagement by enhancing role clarity and accountabilities.
Ramakrishna Krovvidi
Vice President - OD
Remuneration & Planning, du
Novo Nordisk
We evaluated several competitive solutions and found that OrgPlus
Enterprise provides exactly what we need to display to the minute,
easy to view charts of our organizational design.
Morten Rossing
People Systems Manager
at Novo Nordisk
Novo Nordisk
We selected OrgPlus for its inherent simplicity. I have always considered it a
market leader — it is very easy to use and yet a very powerful tool. It also has
good interfaces with all the Microsoft software packages that we use, so that
our managers can put the information they need into their preferred format —
Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint or PDFs.
David Johnson
HR Services Manager
Construction skills
Novo Nordisk
The implementation of OrgPlus Enterprise is having a huge impact across the Quintiles organization. Our people need to see something visual - a
representation of what the data really looks like, rather than just a flat, Excel spreadsheet - and we've never been able to do that before. OrgPlus Enterprise
has also gone a long way to clean up our HR data. The data is refreshed daily from our PeopleSoft system, relieving the burden of manually creating organizational charts and allowing office administrators to focus on our customers.
Ryan Kandel
Associate Director, HRIS
Novo Nordisk
Previously, the production of charts was a manual process and was hugely time
consuming. With OrgPlus, organisational charts are available immediately at a
press of a button. The charting wizard and flexible formatting make OrgPlus easy
to use. OrgPlus has really helped our managers control their budgets by
highlighting immediately areas of overspend and manage their workforce.
Clark Finlay
HR Advisor MIS
at Scope

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