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Whenever we choose to view or publish org charts, we can now do so with additional metrics and KPIs that transform our HR data into actionable information for management.
Clint Nolen
Manager of HR Systems & Analytics
at Hunt
With Transition Manager, our organization achieved target staff reductions quickly, efficiently and with full compliance.
Tiffany Schildge
Manager, Talent Services
at American Airlines
American Airlines
The implementation of OrgPlus Enterprise is having a huge impact across the Quintiles organization.
Ryan Kandel
Associate Director, HRIS
at Quintiles
OrgPlus Enterprise allows us to view the entire organization, analyze workforce metrics, and understand what we need to do to make the organization most effective.
Joyce Manning
EVP, Human Resources
at Burlington coat factory
Burlington coat factory
Linked directly to our HR data in Lawson, OrgPlus will provide us with critical workforce analytics that not only reflect real-time organizational changes, but will also enable us to better plan for future events.
Russ Reimondo, Director, Financial and Resource Management Systems, IS and Technology at Kaleida Health
Kaleida Health
The solution gives us superior insight into critical information that drives our decision-making and enables us to maintain advantage.
Stuart Beesley
at Smiths Medical
Smiths Medical
OrgPlus Enterprise exactly met our requirements, both for charting and for HR modelling, talent and succession planning. It gives us the flexibility to change things easily and offers excellent value for money.
Sally Knill
Global Reward Director
at PZ Cussons
PZ Cussons


HumanConcepts webinars provide varying perspectives for addressing today’s organizational challenges, using HumanConcepts solutions as well as other techniques and best practices. Guest speakers from diverse industries share their experiences, and HumanConcepts experts provide insightful direction and product demonstrations.

The Financial Equation: Managing True Cost in Reductions in Force (2012)
What was the true cost of your last layoff or restructuring? How about the next one? Although reorganizations and reductions in force (RIF) are becoming more and more commonplace, many organizations have little insight into their true financial impact–good or bad. Actual costs as well as synergies are hard to calculate, data is difficult to access and many costs are hidden under tangential processes.
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Which Roles Create the Most Value? (2012)
Organizations that analyze their organizational structure and talent data first may be surprised at which roles are truly essential to executing business strategy. Furthermore, as an organization’s strategic goals change over time, so may the importance of a given role. Leaders cannot afford to have a talent strategy that is out of alignment with their business strategy.
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Innovative Uses for Ordinary Solutions (2012)
Many organizations use the characteristic org chart in one way or another in their organizations for Human Resources purposes, but what about using it to impact business practices? Learn how the next generation of data visualization enables organizations to get more value out of their HR infrastructure and use systems in innovative ways to quickly determine and track data. Presented by Bersin & Associates, "Innovative Uses for Ordinary Solutions" features veteran HCM expert Dr. Katherine Jones, who established Aberdeen Group's Human Capital Management practice.
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Creating a Better Plan: Connecting Business Strategy, Structure and Talent (2012)
With human capital accounting for nearly 70% of an organization’s cost, optimizing the investment demands constant vigilance. In recent research, HCI examined the effects of planning on bottom line results. The findings? Organizations that build a management discipline around both organizational planning and talent planning enjoy higher employee engagement, profitability and strategy alignment. Planning for either without the other produces suboptimal results.
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Saba and HumanConcepts: Creating a High Performance Workplace (2012)
People are the heart of every organization. But how do you organize, engage, motivate, and develop your people to create a high-performance workplace? With the recent Saba acquisition of HumanConcepts, two talent and planning leaders have come together to deliver an unparalleled suite of technology and services to do just that. If you want to learn more about how Saba and HumanConcepts can help you establish people-centric processes that create a high-performance workforce, this 60-minute, webcast is for you.
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What's Trending in 2012 and Beyond? A Look at Organizational Planning Practices (2012)
Is your organization ready for 2012 and beyond? Does it have the agility it needs to adapt to change quickly and effectively? Learn why agility, data integration and social and mobile collaboration are a necessity for your organization this year, in the midst of changing economic, business, and social conditions.
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Build Succession Plans in Minutes, Not Days (2012)
Most organizational succession plans are established after a cumbersome 18-step process that includes identifying candidates, defining competencies, assessing the talent pool, etc. See how HumanConcepts streamlines that flow, drastically cutting the effort it takes to put the right talent in the succession queue.
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How to Avoid Common Mistakes in RIFs and Restructurings: A Legal Perspective (2012)
From small organization changes to company-wide reorganizations, every organization is exposed to legal risk. Hear Scott Baken, Partner at Jackson Lewis--one of the leading workforce litigation firms in the United States--discuss the legal risks inherent in separation events and how to prepare and protect your organization.
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Transformative HR in Action: Global Workforce Planning (2011)
For most multi-nationals, organizational strategy and workforce planning are driven centrally. While organizational planning in one division is difficult enough, rolling it out cohesively across the enterprise can be challenging. Hear Dr. John Boudreau, author of Transformative HR: How Great Companies Use Evidence-Based Change for Sustainable Advantage, discuss the Top 5 principles of evidence-based change for organizations.
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Reorganizations - from Chaos to Control: Achieving Successful Reorganizations, Reductions in Force, Redeployment, M&A Integration (2011)
Change is constant and resulting employee redeployment or separations can create legal, compliance and financial risk. In this SAP EcoHub sponsored webinar, hear former manager of the force reduction program at Lucent, Tom Glasscock, present a case study on the challenges, best practices and lessons learned while reducing the workforce by over 30% prior to an acquisition.
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It's Monday Morning. Do You Know Where Your Headcount Is? (2011)
If you're like many companies, you’re probably using hand-drawn charts or custom-built solutions to visualize your organizational structure. There's a better way. Learn how to automate org charts and easily access KPIs with this webinar.
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Beyond Spreadsheets: The Formula for Escaping Inaccurate Workforce Data (2011)
Even with the abundance of available Talent, HCM, ERP and learning software systems, many organizations still rely on simple spreadsheets for analytics. Learn how to bring static workforce data to life inside dynamic org charts.
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One Organization. One Org Chart (2011)
How many org charts does it take to see your entire workforce? If the answer is anything greater than one, attend this webinar and learn best practices to understand your workforce hierarchy, gain insight into KPIs and overcome the challenges of centralizing data.
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Downsizing and Rightsizing the Right Way (2011)
Experts say 40% of M&A, RIFs and reorganizations fail to meet business objectives. By employing best practices along with technology for managing reorganizations, progressive organizations are successfully reducing risk, cost and key talent loss during workforce reductions.
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Touchdown! Structuring Your Workforce to Achieve Goals (2011)
An organization is only as strong as its employees' skills and competencies; therefore, it's critical to structure the team for success. See how HumanConcepts solutions help organizations better align their workforce to meet goals.
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Delivering the Big Picture: Providing Organizational Insight Through the Portals Employees Use Most (2011)
Learn how Zimmer, a global leader of innovative joint replacement technologies, provides organizational insight through the secure and intuitive format of the organizational chart. Zimmer employs HumanConcepts visualization technology to equip its HR team and company leadership with workforce understanding, acquisition integration tools and succession planning support. Completing the picture, for talent management, Zimmer employs Cornerstone OnDemand. With HumanConcepts visualization integrated into the CSOD MyCareer Portal, employees gain insight into the organization alongside their own career development.
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Build Succession Plans in Minutes, Not Days (2011)
Effective succession planning is critical to any organization’s success: to retain top performers with career path planning; ensure business continuity around typical staff changes; make risk management plans for unexpected changes; and support workforce planning, such as a reorg. Through a demo of OrgPlus Enterprise’s Succession Planning module, this webinar shows how managers can quickly and easily create, view and share succession plans—with a modest budget for succession planning, and with minimal training for immediate deployment.
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