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HumanConcepts enables enterprises to better manage organizational change of all types, including growth, rightsizing and reorganization. Using the organizational charting software solutions from HumanConcepts, customers can achieve organizational agility, more easily understand how they are organized, plan for the future, and transition the workforce to its optimal state.
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What is Visualization?

Visualization enables you to see complex HR information in an organized and easy-to-understand way. 

Visualization empowers you to gain a comprehensive view of your HR data through corporate hierarchical analytics and a better understanding of your organization as a whole.

HumanConcepts delivers Visualization through information-rich organizational charts. Org charting is an excellent way to visualize HR data, especially if you have complex data coming from multiple HCM, ERP, Talent, Learning and other data systems.

With Visualization, you can fulfill needs such as finding contact information in a corporate directory, viewing key metrics and KPIs and doing workforce analytics using information such as salaries, headcount, span of control, budgets, performance, and more.


What is Organizational Planning?

An Organizational planning system helps companies to adapt quickly to changes in the market to build an optimal organization.

 Many organizations lack the organizational charting software tools needed to navigate through change and maintain agility.

HumanConcepts delivers organizational chart software that empowers companies to move through change smoothly and efficiently, whether they are going through ongoing workforce planning, reorganizations, a reduction in force (RIF) or mergers and acquisitions.

With HumanConcepts organizational planning systems, you can share secure organizational data with your key stakeholders, build and evaluate organization scenarios and make collaborative organizational decisions that help you quickly realign your structure with strategic objectives.


Why HumanConcepts..?

HumanConcepts has been in the Visualization, workforce management and organizational planning business for over 10 years.

As the creator of award-winning OrgPlus Enterprise, it has successfully charted over 15 million employees.

HumanConcepts has evolved its organizational charting software solutions to create the next generation of workforce planning, the HumanConcepts Organizational Planning Suite. With this brand new platform, HumanConcepts brings the next generation of OrgPlus Enterprise to life.

The new suite includes Visualize, Plan & Model, Transition, Connect, Maintain, Analytics, Succession, and Archive—a complete suite of organizational charting software that works together to enable organizations to remain agile in the face of constant change. As the experts in organizational planning, HumanConcepts provides one-of-a kind solutions that organizations require to resolve even the most complex workforce challenges.