Access and share
up-to-date visual organization charts


to increase organizational understanding, communicate structure and provide a basis for decision making.


HR Data Visualization

Organizations need to produce, access, maintain, and share comprehensive visual org charts in order to understand structure and make workforce decisions. HumanConcepts Visualize, the next generation of OrgPlus Enterprise HR software, puts your complex people data at your fingertips in a way that’s visual, intuitive, and actionable.

Bringing together workforce data from human resources, accounting, and other business systems into an information-rich visual organization chart allows you to easily share organizational information, conduct sophisticated reporting, and print and publish visual organization charts.

With just a few clicks, you have access to holistic information that’s core to decision making, such as employee salaries, skill sets, performance, span of control, and more. In fact, HumanConcepts HR data visualization software can incorporate any hierarchical data you have into a visual org chart view.

For larger enterprises with multiple HR software systems, sophisticated security rules and complex reporting needs, HumanConcepts Visual organization charts simplify HR data visualization and communication. The visual HR software solution accepts data from multiple source systems, inherits security from internal systems, provides multi-language support, and delivers sophisticated reporting for an enterprise-class visualization infrastructure.

By visualizing critical HR data you gain insight into your organization, exponentially increase the data’s value to your business, and realize a true understanding that allows you to craft future plans.

Whenever we choose to view or publish org charts, we can now do so with additional metrics and KPIs that transform our HR data into actionable information for management.
Clint Nolen
Manager of HR Systems
& Analytics at Hunt
With Transition Manager, our organization achieved target staff reductions quickly, efficiently and with full compliance.
Tiffany Schildge
Manager, Talent Services
at American Airlines
American Airlines
The implementation of OrgPlus Enterprise is having a huge impact across the Quintiles organization.
Ryan Kandel
Associate Director, HRIS
at Quintiles
OrgPlus Enterprise allows us to view the entire organization, analyze workforce metrics, and understand what we need to do to make the organization most effective.
Joyce Manning
EVP, Human Resources
at Burlington coat factory
Burlington coat factory
Linked directly to our HR data in Lawson, OrgPlus will provide us with critical workforce analytics that not only reflect real-time organizational changes, but will also enable us to better plan for future events.
Russ Reimondo, Director, Financial and Resource Management Systems, IS and Technology at Kaleida Health
Kaleida Health
The solution gives us superior insight into critical information that drives our decision-making and enables us to maintain advantage.
Stuart Beesley
at Smiths Medical
Smiths Medical
OrgPlus Enterprise exactly met our requirements, both for charting and for HR modelling, talent and succession planning. It gives us the flexibility to change things easily and offers excellent value for money.
Sally Knill
Global Reward Director at PZ Cussons
PZ Cussons
Company Size less than 1,000 Employees




  • View complex workforce data in information-rich,
    comprehensive org charts.


  • Gain insight by easily navigating the visual org chart.


  • Print, publish, and provide secure access to
    individuals or roles.


  • View metrics and key performance indicators for
    individuals, teams, or the entire organization.


  • Access accurate, multidimensional HR workforce analytics.


  • Identify organizational risks and opportunities using
    intuitive tabular reporting integrated with the HR org chart.


  • Quickly configure charts for the entire workforce
    or specific groups.


  • Receive accurate, dynamically updated HR data from
    your ERP, Talent or HR software system.




HumanConcepts Visual Organization Charts Advanced


Do you have multiple HR software platforms, sophisticated security rules and complex reporting requirements that make it difficult to implement a truly comprehensive enterprise-wide HR data visualization platform? We have a HR org chart solution for large organizations with more complex structures and security needs. HumanConcepts Visualize Advanced accepts data from multiple source systems, inherits security from internal systems, provides multi-language support, and delivers sophisticated HR reporting and analytics, providing an enterprise-class visual org chart infrastructure that supports your information and decision-making requirements.