Reduce risk with a
practical succession planning tool
. Identify key positions and future leaders, eliminate leadership gaps, avoid costly disruptions and communicate plans in an understandable, visual format.

Succession Planning Software


HumanConcepts Succession Planning tools provide the key talent and workforce metrics your organization needs to accurately identify succession candidates and analyze their specific skills and competencies for fit with a target position. Using the familiar framework of the org chart, HumanConcepts succession charts enable you to plan quickly and enables you to create comprehensive succession plans which ensure key employee departures don’t interrupt business continuity.


HumanConcepts Succession Planning arms you with an intuitive, at-a-glance succession tool that enables you to quickly and easily identify successor candidates, grow your bench strength, eliminate potential leadership gaps, and communicate plans in an understandable, visual format.


Succession Planning Software Benefits:



  • Identify potential candidates and compare qualifications using a nine-box matrix that highlights key indicators such as performance and potential.


  • Assign candidates as successors to key positions, highlighting their skills, performance, location and other criteria.


  • Use the succession planning charts to collaborate with HR and department heads, select candidates, plan career development and assess successor readiness.


  • Take advantage of the succession planning systems easy-to-understand, graphical format to communicate with stakeholders around candidates’ skills and competencies, timelines and finished succession plans.

Risk Management

  • Understand the risk of vacancies at business critical positions, identify successors for key roles, and evaluate succession plan data during mergers and acquisitions.

Time Savings

  • Make informed decisions in minutes, not weeks or months, based on candidate performance and workforce metrics with this practical and intuitive succession planning solution.